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Anjorin Town Car Service is a Santa Cruz-based company which specializes in transportation while working to bring an outstanding service to the traveler's experience. It was founded in 2012 by Yomi Daodu and is a family owned and operated business. This tradition was started by Yomi's father back in Nigeria around the 1980's.

"To me, starting a town car business company is just carrying along a tradition that I inherited from my father. Growing up, I witnessed my father dedicate his time to running a small family owned and operated transportation business in Nigeria. My family developed a passion for this kind of business, and today I am willing to put my previous experience to use in order to provide my customers with the best services possible." Yomi Daodu

how it works

Once you find a package that fits your need you can visit our reservation page and either send us your inquiry, or simply call us at (831) 431-7556. Our representatives will make sure to return your call as soon as possible. Just remember that you will need to provide us with your information including a valid credit or bank card number. Make sure to read our policies and rules to help us better assist you. Read More